Posted by: cmreich | November 26, 2009


Every Thanksgiving, I always take a little time out to really reflect on things that I’m truly grateful for in my life.  I could go on for a very long time, I have really been blessed with many things that some people don’t have or do, but take for granted.  So I always always get grounded on Thanksgiving as I reflect about it all.   I am so glad for my family and good friends, because at the end of the day, all of my clothes, shoes and “stuff” really isn’t what makes me happy, it’s the people I spend my life with.  My parent and brother and two sisters are really comforting constants in my life.  My parents have given me EVERY opportunity to be successful and a good person.  I have a some really wonderful close friends and boyfriend who I could NEVER get through some things without, they know me and I know them, and things between us are always fun, which really keeps me content.  Sometimes its hard not to feel down, but I just try and remind myself that some people have to deal with WAY worse and that keeps me grounded and going well.  I hope that on this day, everyone can be thankful for something in their life.

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