1. I really like this poster. It is informative, easy to understand, and gets the point across. Write on the back where you got the pictures from and than I think you will be fine=D

  2. I like your visula PSA, it is simple and understanding. The first thing I see when I look at this is the SUCCESS with the yellow star thing around it. If you wanted to make that stick out more I would of made it just a little bigger.

  3. I like the way that you did your poster. I mean I like the fact that you used a white color poster board and on top of that most of your pictures are in color. I think that all of the pictures that you choose match with your main point. I like the fact that you even put some kind or even similar to quotes like for example “together, all races can thrive”

  4. Hi Caitlin,

    Your visual text makes the argument that all of us working together provides a better chance of success. The equation, central to the text, clearly presents the message to viewers, invoking the importance of education via the place where we learn equations, and the other elements on the poster’s perimeter use timely topics to further the central purpose.

    The perimeter images and captions focus the theme on urban education and how minority role models have been prominent in the public consciousness (President Obama, Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, etc.). The visual is also engaged with other PSAs as the picture of Dr. King uses thought bubbles, imagining what is becoming reality.

    As a critique, I’m not certain who the audience for this visual text is. Whereas the UNCF banner you analyzed seems to be appealing to a wealthy, philanthropic demographic with money to give, I’m not sure what group your text is appealing to: teachers, students, minorities?

    Too, while I think the PSA offers a noble message, it does not really complicate the issue. By now, most people know they ought to work together and not be segregated, but yet it does not always happen. Why is that? This text offers encouragement about the issue, but it does not proffer a solution.

    Steve Halle

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